Automaxx's FREE $50 PREPAID VISA

Get Your $50 Pre-Paid Visa Now!

Fill out our easy 30 second online credit application (below) and receive a Free $50 Prepaid Visa!
What's more?  We'll even give you another $1,000 Prepaid Visa upon delivery of your new vehicle!

*Terms & conditions apply.  See disclaimer at bottom of page for more information.

"You can apply for an auto loan online through a third party website
or you can apply with us directly...and get paid for it!"

As part of our 20th Year In Business celebration, we're gifting you with a $50 Prepaid Visa & an additional $1,000 Visa upon delivery of your new vehicle!  

Applying Online via Third Party Companies (What They Don't Want You To Know)

You've seen the ads: third party auto loan companies working with hundreds of dealer partners across the country to find you the car you need with guaranteed approvals!  All you have to do is fill out a quick credit application online!  But do you understand how it all works?  Basically, they're the "middle man" apply and they sell your information off to other dealerships for a hefty charge...

Why Apply With Automaxx

You won't notice much of a difference.  In fact, it's the same process entirely, only we don't sell/share your information to third party dealerships!  Our secured credit application (above) ensures that your information comes directly to us and is kept safe.  It's also completely free for you to apply!  Only now, as part of our "20th Year in Business" celebration, we'll gift you a $50 Prepaid Visa just for filling out the application and another $1,000 Prepaid Visa upon delivery of your new vehicle!  

 Have questions?  Feel free to give us a call at (403) 250-5541

*Please read disclaimer:
Limited to one $50 prepaid Visa card per transaction.  A second Visa gift card of (up to) $1,000 will be given upon delivery of vehicle within 30 calendar days after purchase.  Some conditions apply. This offer is only valid for customers looking to purchase a vehicle and who have completed a full online credit application with verified information.  Whether we obtain approval or not, you'll still qualify for your prepaid Visa.  Must meet with an Automaxx sales representative to review your credit application to move forward with the purchase of your vehicle and retrieve your card; however, if application doesn't get approved, you still qualify for your $50 prepaid Visa card.  In-store acceptance of the card will only be accepted. This offer is subject to change or discontinuation without notice.  Visa cards come with expiry dates.  Automaxx is not responsible for expired, lost or stolen cards and will not replace expired, lost or stolen property.  Promotion(s) apply to retail price of vehicle only.  This promotion cannot be combined with any other offer or discount unless otherwise stated by management.  See dealership for more details.  Management owns all rights.

*AMVIC licensed retail dealer.